Gear/Equipment List

Many of you have asked about my gear list, so here it is, along with what I use in my home studio and some explanations on how I use or why I like an item.

I have included product links to Amazon and Adorama, where I'll receive a small referral fee should you decide to make a purchase. This helps with the time spent on articles and in running the blog, please consider supporting this website. Thank you. ♥

Camera, Lenses, Tripod

- Pentax 645Z: 51MP camera. Figured it's time for an upgrade after 10 years of photography. Can immediately tell the sensor quality difference from my 2007 1Ds Mark III. Really nice. Amazon, Adorama

- Pentax SMC FA 645 120mm f/4.0 Macro: Gorgeous lens for close up. Amazon, Adorama

- Pentax SMC FA 645 45-85mm f/4.5: For full length/fashion. Amazon, Adorama

- Pentax SMC FA 645 80-160mm f/4.5: Great for portraits. Love the 120mm but flexibility and range is good to have too. Amazon, Adorama

- Pentax SMC FA 645 150-300mm f/5.6 ED [IF]: For location if I need to use telephoto. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon 1Ds Mark III: Have had this for 7 years, it's still good for almost everything I shoot. Current day equivalent would be the 5D Mark III. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II: Good and affordable portrait lens. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II: My studio lens, I shoot most on this. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II: Nice wide-angel, good for on-location. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon EF 85mm f/1.8: Standard portrait lens. Amazon, Adorama

- Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro: Great lens for close up beauty work. Amazon, Adorama

- Manfrotto MK293 Tripod: Mostly for lookbooks and self-portraits when I need fixed compositions. Amazon, Adorama


- Profoto D1 Air Studio Kit 500/500: Have two sets of these, great quality lights. Amazon, Adorama

- Elinchrom Rotalux 53" Octa: Versatile for fashion, beauty, and portrait. Easier to pack up compared to the Profoto equivalent. Amazon, Adorama

- Elinchrom Speedring Adapter for Profoto: Needed for the Elinchrom Octa. Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto Beauty Dish (Silver): Quintessential beauty light. Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto 1x4' Strip Softbox RFi: Very versatile as side, rim, hair and even key light. Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto Speedring: Speedrings are needed to mount softboxes onto strobes. Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto Deep Umbrellas XL in White, Silver, and Translucent: Wonderful for portraits. Silver's great for beauty. Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto 65" XL Umbrella Diffuser: Amazon, Adorama

- Profoto Umbrella XL Backpanel: Covers up the back of translucent umbrellas, so it becomes an actual softbox and causes less light spill/waste when shooting. Amazon, Adorama


- Savage Seamless papers: Good quality backdrops. My basics are White, Black, Thunder Gray, Fashion Gray. (Amazon, Adorama: White, Black, Thunder Gray, Fashion Gray)

- Savage Hand-Painted Muslin Backdrops: For images with more atmosphere. My favorites are Verona, Dark Gray, and Pisa. Amazon, Adorama

- Savage Collapsible Backdrops: Portable and easy to set up for small shoots. My absolute go-to ones are Monsoon, Lakeside, Black/White, and Light/Dark Gray. Amazon, Adorama


 - Flashpoint 10" Background Support System: Portable backdrop system with 3 section crossbars and 2 stands. Not the most sturdily built set but does its job well and is cheap, just don't throw it around. Amazon, Adorama

- Saddle sandbags: For light stands, booms, etc. Very important for studio safety. Amazon, Adorama

- Cinefoil: Versatile black aluminum foil for both softbox and hard reflectors to direct, flag, and modify light shapes. Amazon, Adorama

- Savage Storage Paper Clip: Simple, lightweight solution to storing seamless paper rolls on the wall. Amazon, Adorama

- Standard Reflector Kit Amazon, Adorama

Office Workstation & Accessories

- Wacom Intuos Pro: A must for retouching. Amazon, Adorama

- Kingston USB 3.0 Card Reader: Good quality, reads CF, SD, microSD, etc. Amazon, Adorama

- Dell UltraSharp 27" Display U2715H: My main display, love this for doing all of my work. Amazon, Adorama

- Dell Ultra HD 4k 27" Monitor P2715Q: My external display. Since I started doing videos I needed more monitor space. 4k gives me a lot of desktop real estate. Calibrated with my i1 so colors are consistent between two monitors. It's fantastic. Amazon, Adorama

- X-Rite i1Display Pro Display and Monitor Calibrator: Calibrator for color accuracy across different displays and for print. Extremely important. Amazon, Adorama 

- Western Digital My Book 6TB Hard Drive Amazon

- Western Digital Elements 2TB Portable Hard Drive Amazon, Adorama

Printing & Papers

- Canon Pixma Pro-100 Professional Inkjet Printer: Great quality printer for the price. I do all my poster prints on these, up to 13" wide paper. Amazon, Adorama

- Epson SureColor P20000 64" Large-Format Inkjet Printer
: Successor to the Stylus Pro 11880, which was what all my exhibition prints have been printed on over the years. For edition prints you want nothing but the best. Adorama

- Epson Ultra Premium Matte: For my poster prints, proofs, general display, etc. Matte uncoated finish, non-archival but looks great. Amazon, Adorama

- Hahnemuhle 310gsm Photo Rag Satin: What I use for all my fine art prints. Absolutely gorgeous details and color depth. Amazon, Adorama

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Kenny Paul said...

Thanks for all the useful tips. I'm curious about two lenses. It seems every fashion photographer who mentions their gear has the Canon 27-70 and/or the Canon/Sigma 35 1.4 as their go-to lenses for fashion. I noticed you don't list a mid range zoom at all. Do you tend not use these focal lengths?

Jingna Zhang said...

Not at all, 50mm sometimes.

Sarah Herbert said...

Hey, how does your equipment differ when you do underwater photography? :)